Wednesday, 14 November 2012


While there is much good design about, there is also a lot of bad.  Furthermore there is bad design produced by ?people/companies?/brands? that pride themselves in good design.

These are my current offerings simply because they are of a size and scale that can be photographed.  (Some day, sometime, will someone please photograph department store layout (e.g. IKEA), traffic lanes and pedestrian walkways that leave one shaking in fright or despair!)

[1]  The container for V8 Vegetable Juice Original.  Back of box states "Campbell Foods, Belgium".


Look at the foil disc that stays as a flap at the opening once the green cap is (with great effort) screwed off .... a perfect medium for germs.


[2]  The plastic container for Ocusan eye drops.  The plastic is so thick/stiff that, even using 2 hands to squeeze out the watery liquid (while trying to aim the drops correctly), I usually end up abandoning the effort.


 [3]  Leather watch strap with buckle.  The top photo shows how it sits on my arm.  The straps are sufficiently unequal to make the topside clock face and the buckle sit weighted to each side. I have tried putting an elastic band on one side to keep it from sliding around... about 40% successful, i.e. it stops it sliding completely out of sight!

 [4] Espresso Coffee Machines.  No, it is not the noise of them that rates an entry here, it is the milk heating jet and the practice of cleaning it (or not).   Next time you stand at a counter waiting for your espresso look at the way the equipment is laid out and used.  When they go to make you latte or whatever, they take the cup up to the milk jet (white arrow) and the  jet heats everything up (or whatever it does).  When the cup is taken away, the dripping metal jet is either left as is or wiped with a cloth*.

In this photo, from Wikipedia, it actually has a wine coloured cloth hanging on a hook (blue arrow).  Milk is one of the best media for growing germs; cloth or no cloth - this design guarantees it.

* Watch how it is usually a J-cloth and it's the one that is used to wipe the spills on the counter or trays ... you get my drift!

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Vagabonde said...

Sorry I have not been around for a while – I am catching up right now. My husband’s regular doctor visit last August revealed that he had bladder cancer. There were many tests, etc, then two surgeries. In May I had purchased a cruise for us to the Black Sea for October and had to stop all planning. Six days before our planned flight the doctor said, the day after the 2nd surgery, that we could go ahead with the trip. We went and it was a great trip – almost the whole month of October since we went early to Venice and stayed in Nice before returning. My husband is having follow-up treatment. I have not seen my 3 grandchildren for a while but hope to see them for Thanksgiving next week.

You showed some lovely fall colors. We still have fall foliage here as it seems it is lasting longer than usual. I agree about bad design – I tried to open a bottle of medicine for Jim and could not. Just before I used my hammer on it Jim came and opened it for me – what do single people do?