Wednesday, 17 October 2012


When Mairi came back from Vancouver she brought back with her a bottle of wine from a box that I purchased last Christmas for Alastair and Dawn.  I got it in the only place you can buy wine: the BC Liquor Store in Oakridge Mall.

I recall buying it for the label ... sure ... the wine is going to be good because it is an Australian Shiraz 2008.   It is from South Eastern Australia (is from 20-60 year old Barossa vines and raised in American oak) and produced and bottled by R Wines. 

At lunch on Sunday it was John who pointed out to me the intriguing artwork.  Yes, I had been attracted to it, enough to purchase the bottle, but I did not notice the Escher-esque figure in the drawing.  The original artwork is an illustration by the Hungarian graphic designer Istvan Orosz entitled Ship of Fools.   When I look at it I see a MacBeth-like country setting with a boat hanging from a tree and some kind of figure caught up in the vines of the tree.

Look again..... and you see a skull!

Using Photoshop on the digital image I shaded out the bits to show what I mean.  It is what is called "An anamorphic image".  There is a lot of information on this and other forms of mathematical art on this website  here.

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