Sunday, 21 October 2012


We had the 2 children for a "sleep-over" last night.  Now 5 and 4 years old they are very good about getting ready for bed, teeth brushing etc.

Mairi brought us a pumpkin last week so today we had a go at cleaning it out and making a face, i.e. a face on one side for Ishie and a face on the other for Alastair.  Iain pointed out that it is always a good idea to do a drawing of what you plan for the final construction.  So here they are sketching out a smile.

We were very impressed with Alastair's fine motor movement now: he holds a pen or pencil very well and executes his first letters he is being taught very neatly with even spaces in-between.

 Ishie helped me make soup in the pressure cooker.  When I asked her to toss in some chopped vegetables while she was stirring the pot she pointed out that she couldn't do the 2 things at once.  There began her first lesson in life!  ""Ishie" I said, "when someone asks you to do too many things at once you simply say to them 'I only have 2 hands' !"

She made us laugh, later, when we were discussing the pros and cons of what to do about a Christmas card this year.  From the floor where she was drawing she pipes up "Now you two are simply going to have to work out how you are going to do this together" (or words to that effect)!!

Lastly, I thought I would share this photo of Alastair's drawing of a pumpkin.  "Alastair, aged 4 years 8 months".   I was greatly struck at the very symmetrical circle he drew!  I wonder if we have an architect-in-the-making here?!!!

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