Friday, 21 September 2012


This is a Mac 10.7.4 and I operate Safari 6.0 as my normal brouser.  I have been in the habit of downloading BBC iPlayer files on the to computer and am having trouble these days.  The problem appears to be a Safari problem. I don't think it is a BBC problem but I may be proved wrong here.

This is the message that appears.  When I download Flash 11.4  it doesn't recognize that it is there.

First the good news: I also have Chrome 21.0 and Firefox 15.0.1 which I use as browsers.  They work fine, i.e. dowload absolutely no bother. Therefore this is the workaround.


The bad news: from reading all the very good stuff that is on the web about this problem it would appear that Flash is "old technology".  Things are moving on ... where and in what way I do not know. 

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