Sunday, 23 September 2012


Alastair, 4 years old, keeps us smiling.

Iain and I took Ishie, 5 years old, and Alastair out for a walk in the moors near our home.  The area is supposed to have birds in the vicinity so we got talking about what kind of birds we might see and why.  I brought up the fact that we might see geese who are moving south for the winter.  (The children are certainly familiar with the fact that we sometimes see fish from warmer waters here in the summer.)  I introduced a new word "migration"  at which point Alastair burst into song:

My Gration lies over the ocean
My Gration lies over the sea
My Gration lies over the ocean
Oh bring back My Gration to me.

Rather good, I thought ...  we changed the last line to "Oh bring back the birdies to me."


 I took this photo on my iPhone.  It was a lovely autumn day and the colours are really clear. That is Ben Lomond in the far blue mountain (centre) distance.

 Meanwhile back at the ranch we had been baking:

Spiderman cakes are our thing ... and as Alastair declared, he is getting to be a good "sheriff! !!!

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