Wednesday, 19 September 2012


In these early autumn mornings the sun is moving away from its northernmost points.  Now the early morning rays are coming into the back "garden" room on the house.

Here is what it looked like this morning:

The last of the violas that I raised from seed.  

The vase is my mother's (1940s) and the grey object on the left is the remote control for the up and over garage door.  The green and yellow tape is electrical tape that I put on it so I can find it in  poor lighting!  (In just the same way I put a wee bit of this tape on the car radio aerial so that I can find it in a car park.  These "flashes" operate in much the same way as a flash on a bird's wing.)

Small greenhouse tomatoes grown locally and sold by our butcher.  

The dish is also my mother's of the 1940s.  I seem to recall it was "a pickle dish".) 

 Mairi's geranium, rescued from the back porch, has produced a flower this week. 

In full colour are my neighbour's begonias.  Their garden is chock full of them ... and I get to enjoy the show especially when the sun hits them in the early morning!

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