Thursday, 16 August 2012


Alastair and Dawn celebrated Indy's first birthday earlier this week.  Although he was born August 4th last year they delayed a wee birthday party in order to give him a better chance to enjoy all the cake and one candle (which he is holding in his hand).

He is now cruising around the furniture, exploring all around him (including the dog's dish when he gets a chance) and starting to say a few words.

Born with a retinoblastoma in his left eye (which was removed last November) he is still fighting cancer which is in his right eye.  The tumor is small, not getting bigger, but not going away.  Although  he has had it zapped using laser treatment it was decided to start some chemotherapy. To this end he had the first session in July (photo above) and has just finished his second. 

In the sidebar there is a photo of him which, if you click on the "Indy" photo itself, takes you to his website giving a diary of his progress.

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