Sunday, 29 July 2012


Love it or hate, the Olymics are here for the next fortnight. I watched the 3. 5 hour BBC coverage of the Opening Ceremony and found it stunning, quite stunning!  The event is really a son et lumière (sound and light) production as it was purposely staged to take place at night. At so many levels the whole production worked; it was very, very impressive.

This epic event purposely had a London feel to it: e.g. the Queen, present throughout, was also  involved in a clever James Bond film sequence and at the end,  Paul McCartney - no show without Punch -  was on stage  leading everyone with "Hey Jude".

Rowan Atkinson, comedian.  Photo: Wikipedia
But ... what do the British do best? Humour!... a unique kind of self-deprecating humour!  These film industry people SHIPPY ... who are they?... made this 2.54 minute video  for the BBC TV programme.  Oh how I laughed and laughed at Rowan Atkinson, playing the keyboard piano (as I do myself!), and Sir Simon Rattle, conducting the London Symphony Orchestra in the Chariots of Fire theme.  If you  have ever had to keep counting the bars through a piece of music you can relate to this fun piece!  As they say in Glasgow "Pure Dead Brilliant"! 

Someone in the The Telegraph newspaper said about the evening: "bonkers, bold and brilliant - and so British"!

So well done Olympic* workers, participants, contributors all!


* ... or as wee Alastair says "the Limpics"!

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