Saturday, 23 June 2012


I was through to Edinburgh for the Royal Highland Show today.  This is an agricultural show held once a year in the site next to Edinburgh airport.  Trying to get there by car was a nightmare.  Trying to get to the airport today must have been impossible!

The sign on the way in "All Show Traffic Except Sheep and Pink Keep Left"

Fine Clydesdales were pulling a dray, possibly from a brewery.  There was also a funeral dray in the procession. I think these lovely animals knew they were being admired as they stood there in all their finery!

In the Grand Ring we watched the judging of the bulls. This Charolais below is typical of this fine breed of animal.  Looking at the number and variety made me realize that we who shop in supermarkerts and butchers are very well served by our farmers and other people involved in the agricultural industry. (If Ingleston is about anything it is about the whole "industry" of agriculture -  the costs and the wealth. A champion bull at this show would command a good price for his owner.)

Some years ago I was at this show and recall that it was the first time I had come across this breed of animal.  I recall seeing him up close ... my jaw dropped!  The musculature of his fella's shoulders and hind end were unlike anything I had ever seen before!

Above photo taken from British Charolais website here.

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