Thursday, 14 June 2012


Alastair and I have spent the day together mostly in the garden.  At 4 1/2 he is keen to help ... dig, water plants, fill the bucket with stones and any small jobs involving a ladder or a hose!

He is a "natural" when it comes to using a spade! He stands squarely, presses his foot down smartly and with a tip from me has learned to lever what he is digging by simply pressing, not necessarily with a great deal of effort, on the very end of the handle.  I see a great worker here and and think one is never too young to learn the principles of mechanical advantage.

There are hundreds of small stones in the patch we are digging and planting.  Worse still, there are nails that keep cropping up.  They have come from the fireplace ash that we tipped in this corner of the garden all last winter. They were in the bits of board that Iain cut into manageable sizes for our small enclosed Aga wood fire we have in the living room. 

As Alastair observed:

"Grandpa plants nails!"

So here we have Grandma's sunflowers with a new species of plant Clavus photoshopensis.


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