Sunday, 3 June 2012


It is the weekend of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration.  The whole country is on holiday Thursday and Friday and then this coming Monday and Tuesday. In London there was a river pageant where the Royal Barge, with the Queen and the other Royals aboard, travelled among tugs, steamers and pleasure craft down the Thames into the heart of the city.

There are street parties taking place all over the country, beacons being lit and villages fetes organised.


Where are we in all of this?  In Kilmory, Argyllshire with friends at their Garden Party.


We borrowed John and Mairi's tent and pitched it in the garden of our host. Here we are on dry ground, under blue skies and there are no midges!  It has been a good few years since we have used a tent and this test-run was a great success!  (Well, we had the use of the bathroom in the adjacent house which helped!)

We spent the time meeting and greeting old friends and their children ... and their grandchildren ... as well as meeting the locals. The ceilidh in the neighouring house had all ages participating including some lovely lassies from Glasgow who are forming a folk band.  

My favourite contribution, however, had to be a wee lassie playing, on the back lawn, "God Save the Queen" on her flute - a most apt selection for the occasion.

The weather all weekend was fabulous! The colours were quite stunning! These are 2 photos taken from Kilmory looking over to the Isle of Jura.

Meanwhile ...  how did the Queen get on in London?
[BBC News] : 

"More than one million rain-soaked people have watched the Queen's 1,000-boat Diamond Jubilee pageant weave its way along the Thames..."

The fine, yet unrelenting, rain did not show mercy either to the soaked singers who gamely sang the national anthem in the closing stages." 


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