Thursday, 21 June 2012


Alastair and I have good fun together these days.  He is quite chatty and has a very well developed vocabulary.  However sometimes things get a bit turned around ... or back-to-front ... or have the odd gap!


Alastair's Pinion

Today we swithered about what to do with the whole day ahead of us.  It was wet, sort of not-raining type of raining, i.e. puddles everywhere and drip, drip, dripping.  He opened the back door, put his hand out and came back into the house stating, " I tried my pinion and it wasn't raining!"

Alastair's Limpic Torch

There is a lot on the radio and TV about the upcoming Olympic Games 2012 taking place in London and other UK cities.  Alastair was giving me a report on last week's highlight when runners came through our local neighbourhood carrying their Limpic Torch.

Alastair Riding the Alligator
Today in Central Station we had to change trains. This involved a ride on the Alligator!

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Vagabonde said...

I enjoyed your posts about the Jubilee. The pictures you showed on the landscape in Scotland were very pretty – you were lucky to have good weather. We just came back from a week spent in Memphis, TN, where our eldest daughter moved - from Long Beach. It was warm, in the 90s (32-34 C.) But here it is almost the same. I pre-programmed a post while we were gone to come on the date of our 45th year wedding anniversary. I found some old wedding pictures and posted them. You may go there and see how fashion looked like in the 1960s. ( Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a comment.
By the way every time I write a comment on your blog I still get an email saying that it was undeliverable – but then later on I see it on your blog.