Saturday, 5 May 2012


Last night we drove out to Loch Lomond to attend a soirée  at Ross Priory. It was  a lovely evening and the view of Ben Lomond and surrounding mountains was superb.

After the champagne reception and our 4 course dinner we adjourned for an hour of music being performed by a young group of brass musicians.  They were lively and upbeat which was good as the audience of 57 people was mainly retired folk from Strathclyde University and residents of the area.

I chatted to them before the concert and they said they were going to be playing on this barge which is being used for the Queen as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations next month.  Kings and Queens regularly moved about London on this type of barge on the Thames as they went from place to place e.g. Hampden Court residence down river to the city centre. 

Today she visited the 94 ft Gloriana as part of the naming ceremony for the vessel.

Lots of preparations are taking place just now at national and local level.  I am going to a concert at the end of May where the choir is currently practicing music from 5 monarchs' reigns. In June we are going to join friends in Argyllshire for a weekend Garden Party - BBQ.  I believe everyone is going to be building bonfires which are to be beacons across Scotland and the rest of the UK as well as all of the Commonwealth.  This website shows all the 4,000 locations.  This is how it is going to be done and has a photo of the man who is in charge of organising it!


Photo: VisitBritain website

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