Thursday, 17 May 2012


Alastair was with me all day; we had a few laughs!  He is keen to do tidying jobs so it was out with the big industrial size vacuum cleaner that sits in the garage.  First things first, we cleaned the inside of the car.  (Remember we now have a functioning garage which means on wet days, like today, we can do this work under cover.) 

 I know for certain that we have a mountaineer in the making! The electrical cord wasn't quite long enough for the job in hand ... I heard the time-honoured shout which took me back to those times when I was gripped on some mountain ledge in the past ... "More rope!"

Cleaning can have its moments of levitation! This is him sooking up the plastic Croc shoe (clog type) that we keep in the porch for trailing in and out of the garden.

After Ishie came back from school they sat at the table and were colouring pictures from a colouring book.  In Scotland children talk about "colouring in" as opposed to "colouring".

I was impressed with Ishie: in a very hushed voice, spoken in a measured and gentle way, she suggested, diplomatically, "See if you can stay within the lines."  And he did (for 2 whole minutes) but then went back to his rather broad-brush colouring technique!

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