Thursday, 10 May 2012


Another year, another milestone. Getting older does not bother me except when I try to remember how long ago things happened.  "Madame!  It has been three years, not one,  since you last came to us for .... whatever!"

And so it goes; it has been 4 years ... not "a couple" ... since I started this blog!

Do people visit it? Yes, mostly friends and family but I can see from the "Statistics" set up by the Google people for these sites that visitors are from every corner of the world.

Do people comment? Basically, no... but there is one lady in Florida  ... oops, that should be Georgia! .... who does. However, people do email me and they do this by clicking on View My Complete Profile on the right-hand side and there is text giving information.

Can you see what people are looking at on your site? Yes. Part of the Google service is that there is "real-time" list of the top 10 showing the frequency and rate are of interest.

What sites are the most popular?  Technical stuff.  By far the most visited post I have had in 4 years is the one where I took a photo and described in text, where to find the fuse box in our little Skoda car!

Aren't bloggers just list-makers and train-spotters?  Possibly but "collections" are a repository for thoughts, ideas, musing and observations instead of spoons or first editions.  It appeals to people who keep diaries or journals. 

Are you not in danger of spending all your time in front of a computer?  Do you not need to get out and a get a life?!  Yes, possibly to the first ...  especially today when it is raining and it seems to be on for the day.   To the second: thankfully, I have a life ... which reminds me I had better watch the time as I have to collect wee Ishie from school at 3 o'clock.

Would you not be better helping Iain solve the Energy Crisis? No, but I will take up... well, actually join ... a One Woman campaign and fall in with Lynn Truss as she focuses on the bad grammar we have all around us in signs, government forms, website headings, film titles, shop fronts ... you get the idea.

Here is my first submission and there will be more, i.e. where it is possible to take a photo. 

Poster in he Museum of Football, Hampden Park, visited in April 2012.

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