Saturday, 28 April 2012


From the third week of April until the end of the month Scotland starts to turn from Winter white, brown or grey to Spring green.  First the deciduous trees come out along with the hawthorne or beech in the hedgerows.

It is stunningly beautiful and a great time to be out with a camera.    John has been in Loch Tummel with his mates and took the first two photos below.

I was in Stirling today for the Canadian Ladies Luncheon which is where we "colonials" get together twice a year.  My route took me below Stirling Castle.  I drew into a layby and grabbed my camera to take a photo of the castle.

Although this shot seems a bit washed out compared to how I saw it, I know it was worth the stop to admire as there was another car pulled over doing exactly the same thing as me - out with his camera to capture the breath-taking view.

I fell into conversation with him (as I do...) as we oohed and ahhed our subject matter.  Suddenly, a noise emerged from his car in front of us ... There was his wife looking up at us - pathetically - and two black and white sheep dogs in the back started to howl "For Heaven's sake, man! Stop blethering and get a move on!"

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Vagabonde said...

I am pleased you stopped to take the picture of the castle – it is lovely. I enjoyed your post on the Titanic Memorial Service – I wrote two posts on the Titanic too. Today, after coming back from New Orleans, I wrote a post on ships there and was looking at steamer ships. I was surprised to find out that the last sea going paddle steamer in the world is located in Scotland. The PS Waverly regularly sails now from Glasgow and other towns on the Firth of Clyde, the Bristol Channel, the Thames and South Coast of England. I found its picture. We did see many ships in New Orleans as it was “Navy Week” in commemoration of the American-Canadian War of 1812.