Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Anstruther seems to be where the yachting fraternity leave their boats (as opposed to Pittenween which was all fishing boats). 

After checking in to our accommodation we wandered down to the harbour having been directed to locate the Anstruther Fish and Chip Shop which is 2012 Best in the UK.

Yes, the fish and chip shop was there ... and it was good ... but what caught our eye was the yacht moored opposite the shop in what appeared to be the prime location in the rather busy harbour/marina.

What a fine name!  Braveheart of Fife!  But it was the mast and not one but two booms that had us pacing back and forth trying to figure out how it operated.
The blue brand name on the forward boom:  "Carbospars Aerorig"

The photos show that there are no stays from the top of the mast either forward or back and that:

"The AeroRig® is a highly aerodynamic rig, which comprises of a free-standing wing shaped carbon fibre composite mast and softly rounded boom structure that extends forward and aft the mast. The whole assembly rotates on a self-aligning bearing at deck level. This arrangement enables full sailing control via a single rope, the mainsheet."  (Source: The Royal Academy of Engineering statement about this design being a 1999 finalist for a prize.)

The website (last updated 2007) links to a fuller news article here.

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