Thursday, 16 February 2012


Big Ish (Iseabail) and Wee Ish were here today after school for a few hours.  Big Ish always brings lovely books and Wee Ish really enjoys them.  We had a great afternoon as the sun shone which meant we were out in the garden for a couple of hours after school.  

I was showing Big Ish a blue velvet hat that belonged to her  mother and which has been in our dress-up box for over 40 years.  I took this picture because I want to be able to show Ishie in years to come that this really is her colour, i.e. when the day comes to buy a ball-gown or a velvet jacket, this is a colour that is quite stunning on her!

The other colour that suits her is fuschia which is what this little dress which came from Debra highlights.

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