Sunday, 22 January 2012


When in Vancouver between Christmas and New Year we visited Queen Elizabeth park. These sculptures are strategically placed at the viewpoint over the city.

Here are Nessie and I investigating this camera-happy sculpture! I thought he was terrific!

This is what the camera-happy sculpture was looking at. That is the city in the background - quite lovely!

I was very impressed with the VanDusen Gardens which were next door to where we were staying for three weeks with Alastair. Here is a sculpture of David Douglas, the Scottish born botanist who travelled in British Columbia in the early 19th century, and named a lot of species of plants, including Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii).

His is known in Scotland and is included as one of the Plant Hunters in a most interesting garden in Perthshire called the Explorers' Garden. His story is here on their website.

Finally I was most taken with this plant, the purple Beautyberry Bush or Callicarpa dichotoma. It provided a most eye-catching colour in this mid-winter period. As the climate of Vancouver is very like Glasgow I am going to see if I can grow this shrub in our garden. I noticed that the gardens in Vancouver had the same sort of plants that grow in our gardens and were at the same stage in December.

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