Thursday, 26 January 2012


Now that the holidays are over we are back to our normal routine.  We all headed out to Dobbie's Garden Centre on Sunday for tea and scones.

Meanwhile back at our house Iain is showing Alastair, who will be 4 years old next week, how to work our video.  The idea is that once Alastair learns - and he is very interested in on/off buttons and knobs that twirl - he can show me!

Ishie is now 5 years old and every Thursday I collect her from shool which is nearby. Today a heavy snow shower came over just as school finished so we came in quite wet and ready for sustenance - milk for her and tea for me with scones that I made earlier.

As the we cannot get out to the park at the back of our house we sit at the dining room table and spend some time together with paper, scissors and felt pens.  Today we made great mileage out of our many Christmas cards. 

Tomorrow she is to recite Lollipop Man by JK Annand (Scottish poet) at school so we all got to hear her rehearsal.... more on this anon.

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