Friday, 17 December 2010


The windscreen wipers and the schoosher on my car stopped working the other night. Iain had a look at the problem and deduced, correctly, that it was something to do with the electrics, namely, the fuse.

Despite searching along the dashboard, reading the manual, asking Bill who owns a similar car, he could not locate the fusebox.

I thought to myself "Before I phone our nice garage man, Alan B. let's see if there is anything on the internet."

Yes! This young man's excellent site here had the answer and also a diagram*of the fuse layout. So to do my bit for Skoda Fabia owners who could be forgiven for tearing their hair out trying to find the fusebox, I wish to post this photo below and provide some key words that hopefully will come up quickly for the car owner who has the same problem.

The fusebox in a Skoda Fabia tdi 2002 car (UK car with right hand drive) is located in the farthest extremity of the right-hand panel of the dashboard. It is mounted behind a smooth panel which faces the driver's wing mirror on the outside of the car. This means that it is a right angles to you when you are sitting in the driver's seat. There is a notch at the bottom to get it off. Can't see it? You won't unless you open the door!

If the windscreen [window] wipers are not working, replace the Number 15 fuse which is for the front wipers and the Number 32 for the back wipers.

The reason for this (well-known) problem in this type of car ... freezing temperatures ... fuse blown when try to use wipers.
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I found a bigger diagram: Diagram of fusebox layout