Monday, 12 July 2010


Monday and all is well. The chest drain has been taken out so Iain continues to move along the road to recovery. He was not moved from his present ward. They took an x-ray and that still has to be looked at. Therefore, tomorrow we look forward to the report and the possibility of him moving to an orthopaedic ward.

He now feels he would like visitors. Everyone is concerned about the fact that he is going to have to stay in bed for a total of 6 weeks, i.e. not move about as the 2 cracks in the vertebrae are "unstable".

Never the greatest eater, he will be really pleased to see what the neighbours passed in to me today - newly dug potatoes! Now, if ever there was food for recovery that just has to be it! Like all the MacLeod's, he is very partial to potatoes ... any kind of potatoes. These are Red Roosters.

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