Thursday, 15 July 2010


Technology is wonderful. Iain has now settled into the orthopaedic ward and has surrounded himself with all the bits of equipment, gizmos, earphones and associated chargers so he can phone out and listen to the radio or audio books.

They allow phone calls to his mobile so this makes a big difference from the old days! Brian constructed a wee table for him so he can use his laptop. Tonight John helped him to get it set up and organise adjustments that need to be made.

He has a wee Sony radio which he likes very much and Mairi and I have loaded up our old iPods with audio books. (Both of us have moved on to iPhones.) Alastair in Vancouver has sent an Kindle Wireless Reading Device which arrived today but Iain hasn't seen it yet. That will be tomorrow's technological input.

So instead of being surrounded by tubes and wires as he was for the past 2 weeks he now has a cornucopia of wires plus lots of Nairns oatcakes to help pad out this Horn of Plenty.


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Vagabonde said...

Sometimes people say they wish they were in the olden days, but modern technology is grand. His time in hospital will be much more pleasant because of all this latest geek items you have brought to him. He is going to become very adept at using the latest technology. One bizarre thing – yesterday after I wrote my comment I received an email from Google saying that they were unable to deliver it. Just now when I opened the computer I had another email saying “Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain.” So I went to look at your blog and saw that my comment was published – I am not sure what the problem with Google is.