Friday, 18 June 2010


I'm playing a game today where a letter has been randomly chosen for me here on this website. The idea is that I list 5 pieces of music that start with my allocated letter. It is "M".

So here is my list below. They are links to a video. Double click on the title and it takes you to the video site.

YouTube - Music For A Found Harmonium

YouTube - Dusty Springfield - Messing About On The River

The Muppet Show Theme Song Intro - GUBA Video

YouTube - Kingston Trio - M. T. A.

YouTube - Celtic Woman - My Lagan Love


BJM said...

This is a test to see what is involved in "blocking" a comment.

Vagabonde said...

This is an interesting choice of music. I do not have the choice to block a comment. All comments come to my email because of spam. I have two choices: publish and reject. I guess “reject” would be like your “block.” I like to see the comments on my email first because I get comments on old posts and if they went there directly I doubt that I would ever know about it, as I don’t go back and read them.