Monday, 17 May 2010


There is nothing nicer than tulips! Our burgh garden men/women have got the planters full of bulbs and they are now in full bloom. When the heads are not being pulled off by the local neds here is what they look like.

If they look like a painting, I can assure you they are not! This photo is the result of a quick click using my iPhone - amazing technology!

Again, not a painting but an iPhone photo taken of the planter at the bottom of our road next to the play park on Milngavie Road.

Lastly a proper painting done in the 17th century when the Dutch were starting up the trade in tulips. It is Two Tulips [an Armiant and a Mester del Camp], a Shell and an Insect. Watercolour and body colour on parchment by Jacob Marrel (1613/1614 – 1681), Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

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