Monday, 31 May 2010


Our neighbour on our south side was working in her garden today - another lovely summer's day. She said to me over the fence ... somewhat hesitantly ... "Uh, excuse me ... but what is that big black tent-like thing in your back garden? It looks like a crime scene where the forensic people are looking for a body in the garden!" (Especially with fork and shovel sitting there!)

No, it is a pile of polythene blocks which are going to be used to insulate the house. The panels are to be secured to the 4 outside walls then a mesh goes over them and lastly they are finished with a coat of roughcast plaster.

Meanwhile the little vegetable plot is coming on a treat! We are going to be eating lettuce as of today ... along with some radishes. There are 3 varieties of lettuce - cos, oak leaf and rocket. In the upper left there is a row of sweet peas planted along the edge with bamboo canes for them to climb up.

This is the rocket and it has a real peppery taste which I particularly like. The radishes I pulled were small, hard and tasteless! Oh well, once they come out I will replace the row with some cabbage seedlings which I have in growing in 2 seed trays.

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Vagabonde said...

What a lovely little garden you have. If it were in Georgia the dirt would be red orange because of the clay and no sun because of all the huge pines trees everywhere. I’d love to have a garden.