Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Sunday I headed down the Clyde to a seaside town called Millport. Located on an island off Largs I knew I would have no trouble getting there as the Cal-Mac ferry (10 minute journey) would not be bothered if an ash cloud was paying us (another!) visit!

It was glorious weather with blue skies and sea all weekend! The leaves are all out now and the countryside and coast are just glorious.

I was impressed to see from the ferry crossing that the water is clear. Believe me, I remember days when it was really pretty yukky out there. No more. They have installed sewage works up and down the Clyde and it has improved the quality of the water and the shoreline immensely!

Although the town still has the look of having seen better days (when everyone headed here for their summer holidays) the promenade was clean and tidy and the parks department had this fine show of flowers next to the many park benches along the sea-front.

Sunday morning at low tide - Millport Harbour.

Time to play with the Photoshop technology! This is the same photo but as an 'arty' cut-out.

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