Saturday, 3 April 2010


I'm back! We have now moved and that marks the end of Phase 1 in our Downsizing Programme. My goodness! I think if one is going to undertake this exercise one should do it before you are 60!

We are both fine, actually very well considering March is (for me!) always such a long month. November is always so busy; January and February fly by - I hate March!

This year it was different. We handed in our keys of our Helensburgh flat March 31st and are now officially 'In Residence' - like the Queen - in Milngavie. Everything is a bit of a guddle as the work is nowhere near finished. But frankly it doesn't matter.

It's wonderful being fish back in our old pond.! Everyone visits and we have been happily enjoying people dropping in en route to whatever brings them through Glasgow. John MacLeod was in last week as he is here to get his liferaft serviced. (Helensburgh is lovely and we will miss it but people do NOT just 'drop in' as it is down the coast and one has to make a special effort to get there.) Martin is over from Texas so nothing for it but we headed to Lake of Mentieth for lunch yesterday.

So it is a bit like being back from honeymoon - having been away we are catching up with everyone!

Of course, the main reason we moved to this location is to be near Mairi, John and the 2 wee ones. We had a meal last Sunday with them plus Adam, Maggie and Brian. Brian and John and Iain worked really hard all day moving all our worldly possessions in the Jim Neary van Iain hired. The next day John's sister and husband joined the family and we all had coffee here to celebrate Mairi's birthday.

I laid on an Easter egg hunt and what fun it was! Do you remember Hide the Thimble? And your parents shouting "You're cold!" "Getting warmer... warmer... hot... Oh very hot!"

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