Saturday, 17 April 2010


We have been enjoying wonderful spring weather all week! The leaves are just starting to come into bud so we are coming into the best week of the year. The countryside will be put on her green garments!

Every day we have been out preparing the small, south-facing garden. Most of the hard clearing work we did in the autumn so now it is time to lay out beds and put a few things in place.

First of all, the washing line aka "whirley gig". Iain had prepared an access path and when John and Mairi and the 2 babes dropped by today Iain was able to press John into helping him lift 3 three (re-cycled driveway) concrete slabs.

Thinking that everything was straightforward in the laying of these slabs they met their match when Herself - 3 year old Ishie with the aid of Teddy Bear - came to do an on-site visit and felt a few things had to be put to right.....

We had a great laugh listening to her earnest advice to the labourers: "Now if it was put a bit this way, Grandpa!" And John was up for keeping the dialogue going: "Uh huh... and what do you think if we put it the other way?"

(* A gaffer is the man in charge of the work force on a building site; the foreman or boss.)

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