Monday, 5 April 2010


Easter Sunday dinner was turned into a birthday party for Bruce. He and Iseabail drove through from Stirling. Mairi made the dinner of roast lamb with her special sauce (à la Delia), broccoli and fennel seeds veg dish and Ish brought a big dish of Dauphinoise potatoes (scalloped potatoes).

It reminded me of my mother's Easter dinners: a large baked ham and scalloped potatoes with perhaps corn or mixed veg. Can't recall what her usual dessert was ... probably lemon meringue pie. Mairi made an excellent bread and butter pudding - much better than mine ... quite delicious!

Grandpa gets big hugs.

Ishie (3 and a bit) in her Little Miss Chatterbox T-shirt along with Teddy

Alastair (2 and a bit) with Pig Hand Puppet.

Iain and Mairi in the kitchen (Carseview)

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