Thursday, 11 February 2010


I received a Christmas present from Mary: this book by Stuart McLean. He is a Canadian author and I first heard him on the CBC radio late night repeat programmes a couple of summers' ago. He is so funny and so Canadian! A great observer of people he writes endearing stories of ordinary folk in their neighbourhoods or communities. If you like Lilian Beckwith, Garrison Keillor, Alexander McCall-Smith, you'd like this author.

He has a rather catchy website here: "The Vinyl Cafe stories are about Dave, owner of the second hand record store, and they are collected in books and on CD. The stories also feature Dave's wife, Morley, their two children, Sam and Stephanie, and assorted friends and neighbours." He has written many books as seen here.

It is also possible to download podcasts here (where you can see the other CBC podcasts that are available!)

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Vagabonde said...

I bookmarked the radio programs of the Vinyl Café as I like Garrison Keillor, so these should be good to.