Saturday, 30 January 2010


Sandy, our neighbour, is doing his very best to learn how to use a computer. He goes to classes at the library where patient tutors guide wanna be silver-surfers through the steps. He uses a PC and finds that it is complicated and crashes when he hits the wrong button. However, he is now making headway with composing and sending emails.

When telling me about his progress today he reminded me of the time I tried to help him when he was just starting out. We managed to open up his mail box and I was telling him about how important it was to not open emails that looked suspicious (e.g. with the word Viagra in the subject) or where you did not know where they came from.

I was driving home this very important lesson when I noticed he had an email in his INBOX which had the subject "Greetings from Kissimmee". I gasped and said "Sandy! Look! Here is one that you mustn't open. Delete it right away!" He looks at me rather woefully and states "But that is from our friend! It's where she lives in Florida!"


Photo: Der bittere Trank [The Bitter Drink] by artist Adriaen Brouwer, 17th century Flemish painter, pupil of Frans Hals. Wikipedia.

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