Sunday, 24 January 2010


Ishie (3 years old) made me laugh yesterday. I had both of the wee ones out for the morning while Mairi and Iain did some chores. We went to Joe's shop first, then headed for the swing park at Kilmardinny. Not long after we arrived she needed to have a pee-pee. She is very good at the toilet routine but here in the park on a cold day we had a problem.

Well nothing for it, but we headed over the the edge of the grass and it was down with the water-proof pants, down with the trousers and lastly the underpants. As she was performing (admirably) she looks up at me and comments "This is what you have to do when you're desperate!"

Oh boy! Tell me about it! Wouldn't life be so much easier if we females were anatomically constructed so that when caught short it wasn't such a palaver!

Or better still, we could adapt a different form - anything to simplify things!


Images from here (these are photos found in a collection bought in a flea-market!)

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Vagabonde said...

A delightful little story – it can be a problem to be a girl – boys are lucky indeed. It’s funny that both of the statues look large but in real life they are quite small. The Mannekin Pis in Brussels is just a tiny boy on top of a fountain and the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen harbor is also quite small, but they are both lovely.