Friday, 1 May 2009


Las Vegas is like Disneyland without the entrance gate. At least the Strip appears like that. Everything is vaguely unreal meaning that the entertainment, i.e. casino complexes, are purpose-built to a theme. That said, it is all very well done but there did appear to be a formula that was common in all the themed areas. They all were basically hotels with casino facilities in the lower area; they all had a water feature, often very grand. And as the man said when we tried to find our way out of the slot machine complex at street level "There are 2 things you need to learn here, lady: there are no clocks and no exits." He was quite right! Everything is laid out so you move through the 'experience' areas. Doorways - in or out, up or down - are elusive.

Colourful it certainly is! And 2 things that were free, and lots of, in Vegas, were (1) blue skies and (2) sunshine.

'Bagpipe Bonus' - Bonus, Schmonus ... the odds of you winning are against you, i.e. the odds favour the House. (Everybody knows that.) As Alastair said "Look go there to be entertained; you don't go there to win."

I spent more of my time looking up e.g. I loved these light shades which hung above the escalator in the Wynn Hotel.

Lastly, the Fountain at Bellogia has a musical water show regularly which passersby can enjoy. The scale of it plus the piped music (orchestral) playing through speakers out to the street in strict time to the on/off water schooshing makes it really quite a show. I liked it! It is definitely as good as everyone said!

And here is a video of it with the music. The tune (I found eventually after looking on Utube) is Time to Say Goodbye. The music is composed by Francesco Sartori and the lyrics by Lucio Quarantotto. Singing here are Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.

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