Sunday, 3 May 2009


We departed from Portland, Oregon, after our pleasant stay in Ashland and arrived back in Scotland to find the trees had burst into their green colours and the blossom was out everywhere.
Now it happens that we left beautiful magenta blossom in Oregon. Nowhere was more beautiful than the streets of downtown Ashland, Oregon. After asking a few passers-by and folk in the stores I finally found the local librarian who was able to identify the tree -redbud.

Redbud was out everywhere. Blossom was all along the branch an no green leaves except, as seen here, a couple of small ones on the tip. How does the tree manage to live?

We attended Shakespeare's Macbeth in Ashland. This Globe Theatre (above) is only open between May and October. Definitely worth a visit.

Back in Helensburgh the MGM Lion sits on the opposite side of the road from us. (With a little help from Photoshop a green wheelie bin is hiding behind him.)

It's a pity the Japanese people don't visit us; they'd love the streets awash in cherry blossom!

That's our white front door facing the pink blossomed street.

This tree is a different type of cherry and is just coming into flower this week. It must have been planted many years ago when this building was built (1858) as these trees plus others in the neighbourhood are very big and drape their branches over the hedges making a canopy over the foot paths.

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