Tuesday, 26 May 2009


With the European visitors arriving soon I made another rekky today to check out routes, pit stops, eating places, which will form the basis of our day trip in Argyll, i.e. in this approximate location on the map.

The following are some of the highlights of my whistle-stop tour. Each photo itself could be the basis for a story as these locations are either a favourite place of ours or one where we have visited many times either mountain climbing and/or sailing.

Kingshouse Hotel (and Bar!), Glencoe. Many a story could be told about this place! Out of site in this photo are West Highland Way walkers packing up their tents ready for the next leg of their trek.

Looking west to Ardgour from Glencoe Village. Lots of 'weather' for photos today!

Castle Stalker as seen from the new (to me) restaurant built at the top of the hill.

Kilmartin churchyard looking down the glen. One of the burial chambers is in the distance.

Crinan - from the Crinan Hotel. I'm never usually here at this time of year so do not normally see these purple flowers growing along the wall opposite the hotel. I was going to have a pint in the bar for old times' sake but it looked so faded and unkempt (and empty) I headed out and down the road.

Lastly, that is the Atlantic out there. Islands of the Inner Hebrides are in the distance. If boats do not want to sail all the way around the Mull of Kintyre, they come in here to the Crinan Canal and lock through to Loch Fyne thereby avoiding the lumpy seas which churn on the end of this peninsula.

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Vagabonde said...

These are very picturesque pictures, especially the Kingshouse Hotel. I just come back from Alaska and the houses there are pretty basic, more like cabins made of wood.