Sunday, 10 May 2009

65 PLUS 2!

It's time for the mile-ometer to click over another year and it is not just any old year! Wow! Three-score and five! I treated myself to a day out yesterday (see previous post) and today Iain and I are planning to go out for a meal this evening - not our usual habit, may I say! - to a restaurant overlooking Loch Lomond.
My goodness! The sun is shining. It is Sunday. Time to make a batch of scones and smell the flowers! And time for a photo before we scoff the scones.

I placed all my lovely presents on the kitchen window-seat ledge in the sunshine.

What's what? The vase of fresh Interflora flowers arrived yesterday when Iain was in but I was out. They were a lovely surprise when I got home! Thank you Dawn and Alastair. I wish you could smell them!

The card with the wine bottle is Absolutely Spot On! Just Me! Thank you Mairi and John and the babes. The Grandma mug is also from them! The bottle of wine is Fitou, my favourite, from Anne! Many thanks!

The white rose is from a large bouquet from Kay and David who were here at our Garden Party last Sunday. Thank you both!

Finally, the black box with the Apple logo is ... wait for it ... an iPhone! Big hug to Iain! I absolutely love it! Again - Just Me! That is what I was doing on my various train journeys yesterday - fiddling around with the phone (along with just about everyone in the train carriages)! The technology of it blows me away! As the youngsters say "Totally awesome!"

So what's with the 2 Pheasant's Eye narcissus flowers? Well it has been 2 years to the day that I started this blog! I said when I launched this blog click here that it was about throwing a rock in a pool and seeing where the ripples go!

Well old age has arrived, that is for sure, because I thought I had launched the blog with this posting about the narcissus: click here. (I took this photo 2 days ago right after a heavy shower; I managed to catch some drips, i.e. flower on the right.)

Ah ha! How about 2 flowers for 2 years?!

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Vagabonde said...

This is a lovely post and the flowers, all of them, are gorgeous. Happy birthday and happy anniversary for your blog. I just wrote a blog on my mother using the same two words, birthday because today would have been her birthday, and anniversaire because that is how you say birthday in French. You can go and see it on "Recollections of a Vagabonde" at