Thursday, 16 April 2009


If you like theme parks Las Vegas is the place to visit. Many years ago when I visited as a school-aged child the places to see were the Golden Nugget and Flamingo casinos or whatever they were called back then (late 50's)!!! They are still there and the same Las Vegas Boulevard is still there - even as a lot of palm trees - but everything is organised into hotel complexes. And each hotel complex is set up as a theme park.

There are lotsa malls and shopping areas with "retail logo apparel" and game arcades. This is definitely the place to load up on fridge magnets, Harley-Davidson T-shirts and any amount of fast food.

One thing that we want to investigate further is the area (city centre) where a lot of new tall buildings are under construction. They are quite stunning architecturally and we wonder what their use will be... Hotels? Offices? Apartments?

Tomorrow we are heading out for the day to see the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.

Bye for now!

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david mcmahon said...

I was at a theme park with my kids a few days ago. They went on the rides, I shot hundreds of images becase that's what we do when we have a camera around our neck!