Tuesday, 21 April 2009


There are now 2 Mrs MacLeod's! (Actually if you count Mrs MacLeod of Raasay - a pipe/fiddle tune - there would be 3...)

Dawn and Alastair were married on Saturday, April 18th in Las Vegas. While many photos were taken I have none to show at the moment - can't download stuff yet.

Why the Mistresses? Many years ago, an elderly Scottish gentleman was writing my name on a form or something like that and as he wrote my title "Mrs" he spoke the word as " 'Mistress' MacLeod". I took that to mean "Mrs" as being simply the title for a married woman. I gather , however, that "Mistress", historically, could refer to either a married or unmarried woman. Needless to say, this is the origin of "Miss" and "Ms".

So watch this space where I will be introducing ..... da dah-h-h-h-h ..... the New Mrs MacLeod!

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