Saturday, 11 April 2009


The wonderful show of magnolias at Glenarn (see yesterday's post) were an absolute joy! There are a number of trees in flower just now and no more so than this one which must have been 40 feet high! It must have been planted in 1850 - 1900's (as were so many of them around Helensburgh and Rhu).

Is this how you get ideas for textile design?

Marimekko is one example of magnolias in fabric design. I am a walking advertisement for her designs. Finnish to start with (oops, sorry for this wierd a description for this outstanding Scandanavian firm) and always producing bold colours - just 'me'.

Here is some more Marimekko fabric I bought in Stockholm several years ago and while I first thought it was magnolia pattern, on closer inspection, I think probably not.

Magnolias in wallpaper design, 1888.

Finally, this design was done by Lewis Foreman Day (1845-1910). He was part, a founder member, of the Arts and Crafts movement; contemporary of William Morris. Book reference is here.

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