Thursday, 30 April 2009

ALASTAIR & DAWN WEDDING: Part 2 of 2: Unofficial

Before Al and Dawn's wedding ceremony in downtown Las Vegas (April 25, 2009 - see Part 1) we all gathered in their hotel room for a glass of bubbly.

It seems every classy hotel suite sports a hot-tub these days! Well, when I walked into the room and saw this one it immediately brought back memories of 3o+ years ago.

One New Year in the early 70's Iain and I spent it with friends at their croft in Stein, Waternish which is on the west side of Skye. Their croft was on the beach, handy for rowing ashore when we arrived by boat (in the summer). They owned a Land Rover and on this particular New Year we all piled into it and drove up to a big stone house which had been a former manse. It was occupied but our friends knew the people and we all poured into the house with, if I recall correctly, Iain playing the pipes at the head of this merry band.

Well, it turned out that this was Dovovan's house and these were a bunch of his groupies in residence. (Who was Donovan? Pop/folk guitarist/singer - mid 1960-70s) Our host, Gerient, was keen to show us something ... so we all trooped up a set of stairs and entered a doorway. It was a bathroom! A very, very large bathroom! On the opposite wall from the door was wall-to-wall mirrors and down the right hand wall were a toilet, bidet and wash hand-basin all in black with gold taps and gold astrological signs painted on them. But ... the best bit was .... there, in the middle of the floor, was an enormous turquoise bath (like a rugby team's bath) sunk into the floor.

Well, nothing for it, but Iain climbed into this bath with his pipes under his arm and started marching ... all the while playing "Campbeltown Loch I Wish You Were Whisky" up and down the bath. And accompanying him the whole time were his multiple reflections in the mirror behind him!

So here is a variation on the theme of tub reflections à la New York New York Hotel!

Dawn's dad, Dave, drove the other car to the ceremony sporting this fetching hat!

No Las Vegas experience would be complete without a limo trip. We all piled in and drove to the Wynn Hotel for dinner - by far the Most Superior Way to Travel!

Just Married!

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