Saturday, 7 March 2009


Louise, Anne, Maggie and I had a wonderful Ladies Who Lunch get-together today. Ann was chauffeusse and drove us to Braidwoods in Ayrshire. Oh my, what a lovely, serene, discreet luncheon venue! As I was disinclined to snap photos of the white table cloth which held sparkling cyrstal and a glass vase of fresh freesia sprigs, the website reference will have to do here.

It is owned and run by husband and wife, Keith and Nicola Braidwood, and is One Star Michelin rated. It has been like this for a while and I can see why. Spotless in decor and on the utilitarian side, flawless in service and, last but not least, the food said it all - 10 out 10! They use local ingredients of which there are many in Ayrshire and the outer reaches of Scotland. We quaffed a bottle of Chilean Carmeniere and drove home happy, resolved to do this sort of thing again!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, these photos give a little of the local scenery.

There are roadworks going on along the link road to Loch Lomond. While sitting in the queque the other day I watched the sun setting on this farm on the brae. Glen Fruin is behind, to the north.

David Deans drives his fish van all the way from the east coast every Thursday. We are therefore doubly served in Helensburgh both with his mobile service and the local fish shop.

However, what tends to happen on Thursdays is that the various neighbours emerge, especially if it has been foul weather, and congregate at the van. Here is Barbara, from upstairs, getting fish from David's son who was 'helping' his dad today.

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