Monday, 9 March 2009


Today is Monday which means it is Granny Duty Day. Having arrived at 8:15 am I parked my car in its usual place on the hard standing.

However, just before 10 am Ishie and I had a visitor: this 'runaway' white van rolled down the hill from its parked position up at the top of Carseview Drive where building work is going on, and lodged itself on the fence between us and the next door neighbour!

I was inside the house sorting Ishie's hair when heard what I thought was a ladder falling. I looked out to see this van in extremely close proximity to my car!

That it did not roll farther, i.e. into the front door of No. 14 is due entirely, it seems to me, to the fact that the fence, designed by Iain and built by Mast and Rigging, is 'Clyde Built' and did the business!

A tangled mess of horizontal rigging but not a scratch on the car! With some difficulty they extricated the van and cut away the damaged stainless steel.

The bang and the mess didn't shake me; what might have happened did. Ishie and I were all dressed to go out to Tesco's and the library. I got as far as the porch when - the hinge of fate? - I turned back because I decided to tidy Ishie's curls which were falling in her eyes. I did not go up to the car at that particular moment .... I try not to think about it.

So how was your day?

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