Friday, 6 March 2009


I set off about 3:30 pm on a 10 minute drive to Loch Lomond to see if I could catch the last of the afternoon light. And catch it I did. As usual a small cloud came and went as I sauntered along the shore at Luss trying to keep my eye on where the sun's rays were falling.

This is the last of the sunlight on the shore of Loch Lomond. Ben Lomond was sparkling white with snow and as the sun went low in the sky the bright snow went into shadow as I stood there.

But look what caught my eye! They were quite far out but I had a go with the telephoto lens. Quite lovely!

And here is the very, very last of the light falling on the left-hand sea gull. His mates are hunkering down for the rest of the evening, by the looks of things.

The light had gone by now, but none-the-less this female mallard seemed good material to do a Photoshop 'cut-out'.

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