Friday, 6 February 2009


With VIP (Very Important People) visitors coming from Germany and Sweden in June it is time to start some serious boat maintenance! There is nothing boat owners love better than getting into their boiler suits, getting out the oily rag and the Black and Decker equipment and, finally, having the tranny going in the background!

A cuppa is the First Step and the next step is The Snagging List. So today we paid a visit to Seol-na-Mara to start on the clean-up, clear-up and what do we need to do now? A new engine is on the cards; sails have to be repaired; sail-bags to be washed and so on.

With sun shining in to the cockpit, it was time for the Marigolds. [For the benefit of our non-British friends, Marigolds are housewive's rubber gloves - see the blue ones in the photo.]

There have been many Marigold Cruises in my time. Today I was securely tied to the dock with a cup of coffee in my hand and, thankfully, horizontal while I dived into the lockers and had a look at the cooker (yuk).

It was very cold but if you sat in the corner of the cockpit there was warmth in the sunshine! I was being very careful getting on and off not to fall in ... through the ... ICE!

And lastly let it be known that our lovely presents received from Piggy and her owner are now being put to good use. This is the Sail Repair Bag. Very Smart. Piggy has Excellent Taste!

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