Wednesday, 18 February 2009


When it's a camera....

While I have no trouble (well, limited trouble....) using a computer ('s a Mac - I'm lucky...) I can't seem to get my head around mobile phone technology. I have found that if I treat it not as a phone, but as a computer, I get on better.

This is an experiment. I have received these 2 photos of the grandchildren via my mobile phone. It's wonderful technology, I must say! The photos, however, are 'low resolution' therefore this is as big as they can ever be. I failed to download these correctly and am still working on it. By that I mean I email the photos to myself and that seems to work (as opposed to successfully using the given software).

Be that as it may, here is Ishie have tea with her doll. Teddy is often at the tea party but I think is out of the picture. Or on the floor midst the play dough, grated cheese and rice crackers!

Mum was away to the hills on this day when John was at home doing the work of 2 people. Here is Ishie 'helping' with Alastair's lunch. Operating 2 high chairs is no mean feat especially as they like to wiggle out when someone comes into view or they have had enough mince, potatoes and yogurt!

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