Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Wee Alastair is now taking steps, about a dozen or so at a time. He just loves being in the upright position and is now exploring that new world Up There in the Land of Vertical-ness.

He has had a haircut! Actually, this is the second haircut that John has given him. It completely changes his appearance, i.e. he is now a real little boy!

Here is a photo of him doing something which really made me laugh. Remember, he is only just 13 months old! Today on the deck outside he found one of wee Ishie's pink elastic ties for when she wears her hair - a mass of curls - in 2 delightful bouncy bunches on the side of her head!

This is him trying to do one on his own head! Amazing how observant they are!

He just loves peek-a-boo!

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