Saturday, 14 February 2009


Mairi and Iain headed to the mountains today so John and I joined forces to run Base Camp. John brought the children to Helensburgh for lunch so I decided to make it "party time" for the wee ones. "A birthday!" says Ishie.

Tiime for fairy cakes using cream and heart shapes for the top. The silver tray is my mother's - just the thing for a tea party. The linen town has "Canadian Pacific" woven in the red stripe. It was in my mother's linen drawer. Must have come from some CPR train journey years ago! I use it in a tray or a basket when serving scones.

Ishie likes to be a helper. The photo has a flaw: the reflection from the silver plate marked the skin on her face which I found difficult to erase.

Wee Alastair is absolutely into everything now! He loves to climb up on things and pull stuff out of cupboards, off the table etc! And see that cucumber in the foreground? He held that in his mouth and rubbed his gums over and over. He has 4 teeth and must be cutting some more. It seems that this humble vegetable is very soothing!

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