Friday, 6 February 2009


With sun streaming through the oriel window I was happy to bask in it as long as I had something to do. (I am a fidgit otherwise....)

When my mother died 5 years ago Alastair and I packed up her wonderful Bernina sewing machine (bought in the 1970s when things were made of metal, not plastic). I brought it home on one of my Globespan trips from Vancouver airport. I recall I had to pay a bit for excess baggage but arrived safely having spent the journey in the cargo hold.

This machine is a joy to operate! While it feels 'Clyde built' it actually is made in Switzerland. So it is on with the Running Repairs, e.g. Mairi's chiffon skirt in need of repair in several places.

That skirt turned out to be a pig of a job ... Oops, sorry Piggy!... that was a Freudian slip. Piggy has made an entrance here as he has become part of my story-telling life for 2 year olds. (You can tell I have been 'reading' Richard Scarry books to wee Ishie! At the moment it is Goldbug we spend our time hunting for on each page!)

This Bernina runs very successfully by using a transformer to change the 110v system to 220v. At first I couldn't get the machine to work, but a man who deals with sewing machines (Glasgow Road, Edinburgh, 2004) tested this machine and the problem was not the electrics; it was the foot pedal cable (not secure). Replacing the foot pedal cable sorted everything once and for all.

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