Thursday, 12 February 2009


If I was out on the mountain tops I'd be taking pictures of brocken spectres and ice crystals. What does one do when the farthest horizon beckoning is Tesco's car park? With lots of snow and patches of blue sky, it's time to rise to the challenge! The good news is that they can be used for some 'arty' computer-doodling. Here are a couple of examples.

The photos are paired. The first is unadulterated; the second is been made 'arty'. The question, however, remains, which is actually better?!


This is early morning on our latest big snowfall. The black iron gate outside our living window was the first thing I saw when I drew the curtains. I took the photo through the window (south-east facing).

This is the same photo as a 'cut-out'. There is a shadow along the base of the hedge and behind the trees.

Red berries on the bush at Tesco's in Milngavie. I was really taking photos of the burn with the snow on the rocks but they turned out pretty blah.

Again a 'cut out'. See the 2 blue colours that have emerged.

Tesco trollies. Not a great shot as they were in the shade.

Made, here, into a 'water colour' and lightened a bit. M-m-m-m-m ... not sure that is an improvement!

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